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Focus on artificial of plant production, sales of simulated plant producers

The company has a mature operations team, which includes design and other departments

Tianyu Landscape technology

Tianyu Process

Since its establishment, uphold the quality products, customer service, to achieve a win-win business philosophy. Quality products from the company's strong R & D and management team, we developed a new type of environmentally friendly materials and put into production, The material has been certified by the international SGS organization. Our design team with the actual, tailored to customers customers want products, services to customers. So that customers spend the money spent, do the desired product, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

Tian Yu Artificial Landscape Co.,Ltd

Tian Yu Artificial Landscape Co.,Ltd. Is a artificial of plant products, research, development, sales in one of the artificial plant manufacturers, the company has a mature operating team, which includes design, domestic sales, export, production, management and other departments.

Our domestic customer groups to engineering design, high-end places decorated feet, foreign we to wedding, church decoration as the exit point. Domestic and foreign sales effectively promote the company's healthy development.

Tianyu Landscape technology

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