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1, Tianyu's purpose: beautify the global landscape, to create a green world!
2, Tianyu's vision: beautify life, serve the public!
3, the enterprise core values: people-oriented, cultural Hing business; beautify the big, excellent sharing!
4, corporate employment concept: meritocracy, both ability and political integrity
5, corporate mission: so that all the places can have the most beautiful scenery 6, the concept of corporate quality - excellent quality, sincere service
Excellent quality - in line with national standards to ensure product quality ② sincere service - to meet customer needs, and serve wholeheartedly

Business style - sincere, innovative, efficient, sophisticated
① sincere - all things in the world, for the first, in good faith is the first choice for people on the attitude;
② innovation - adjust the way of thinking, guide and open the wisdom, innovation, beyond the self;
③ efficient - save resources, is to reduce expenses; save time, is to reduce costs;
④ sophisticated - smart progress, sharp new; pure and not mixed, that is, no jump, the development of capacity, enhance its heart

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