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What are the characteristics and characteristics of the Artificial tree?

About the simulation tree Many friends are confused, often have a lot of friends come to consult, today Xiaobian and we introduce: simulation tree what purpose and characteristics. The same time as
Simulation of the use of plants in our country, people are not familiar with, which is undoubtedly the use of simulation flowers. In particular, to modern times, the simulation plant has been rapid development, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to emerge a large number of simulation plant manufacturers and a large number of high-quality products. As the market demand continues to expand, a group of visionary businessmen involved in the industry, began to focus on simulation of plants, fresh plant research and development and production and sales, thus driving the development of the entire industry chain. Today, the products are also more rich, such as: simulation palm tree series, fresh palm tree series, simulation coconut tree series, simulation dates (algae) tree series, simulation banyan tree, ancient banyan tree series, simulation tree series, PU tree series, simulation plant series The series of simulated bark series, simulation leaf series, simulation rattan series, simulation lawn series, fresh plant series, simulation fruit, vegetable series and so on, the camouflage tree, camouflage tree series, simulation peach tree, cherry tree, simulation bamboo series, simulation bark series.

The purpose and characteristics of the simulation tree
1, the simulation of the plasticity of the tree is strong It is the use of green environmental protection plants as raw materials are mainly plastic products, silk products, polyester products, resin and other materials made of cement and other materials also used in metal rods, glass tube, blown paper, fiber Silk, decorative paper, ribbons These materials are free of pollution or pollution is very small. Due to the elasticity of the material can be used with a special height, the shape of the model and can protect the evergreen break genuine limit. Vivid and vibrant image can be comparable with the cultivation of flowers and plants.
2, the simulation tree affected by the environment of small public places, the office mostly use air conditioning indoor light is often inadequate so in the room to plant a plant is not an easy thing but the simulation plant can easily achieve this purpose simulation plant Color can be a long period of time to keep the four seasons as one will not grow like flowers and plants will be dry and dry.
3, simulation tree maintenance simple simulation of plant foliage is generally not moldy, do not rotten without watering do not breed mosquitoes simulation plants do not need artificial cultivation can save watering, pruning, smoked and other trouble simulation plants do not have to photosynthesis more No children eat the side effects of wounding This is very suitable for children at home with couples and couples are working families
4, most of the simulation of the price of plants is also not much higher than the real flowers really easy to transport, easy to move in the need to change the design of the re-combination can change with different atmosphere. Suitable for the public family to beautify the environment and enduring.
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