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Artificial of the relationship between plants and home decoration

Green plants in the use of home decoration more and more, green, self-cultivation, leisurely, health and so many benefits. But in the room to raise the wrong plant, or there are drawbacks. Although the green plants have absorbed carbon dioxide, exhaled oxygen characteristics, but in the evening, green plants and people will grab oxygen, causing sleep in the people hypoxia, nightmare.
So many people do not spend too much time to take care of precious flowers and plants, so leave the most beloved potted flowers, the other flowers are replaced by a simulation plant.
Simulation plants have 95% fidelity, in addition to no absorption of carbon dioxide, exhaled oxygen characteristics, do not need to water sooner or later, other aspects and really green plants as if the same.

The advantages of simulated plants can be summarized as follows:
1. Plasticity, green, due to the elasticity of the material can be used with a special height, shape of the model, and can protect the evergreen, breaking the real limit. Vivid, lively, completely comparable with the cultivation of flowers and plants.
Second, by the environmental impact of small, now the public places, the office mostly use air conditioning, indoor light is often not sufficient, so in the room to grow a plant is not an easy thing, but the simulation plant can easily achieve this purpose, Simulation of the color of plants, can be kept for a long time the four seasons as one, not like planting flowers that will decay dry.
3. Simulation of plants do not need to manually cultivate, can save watering, pruning, smoked and other troubles; simulation plants do not have to photosynthesis, but no children eat the side effects of wounding, which is very suitable for children at home and couples are working family;
Most of the simulation of the price of plants is not high, and some also much lower than the real flowers, transport convenience, easy handling.
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