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How does the Artificial plant clean?

emulated plants has become one of the important measures of urban greening in a few years, and it does not need to be a real plant It is essential to maintain it day by day in order to prolong the service life of the simulated plants. The maintenance of simulated plants is mainly regular cleaning, cleaning a lot of things in the simulation of plants is the need for our attention, the following said that the simulation of plant cleaning should pay attention to what matters?

simulation plant Most of the material is plastic, its plant lines are very sophisticated, there are many leaves in the production will be stuck together. Therefore, in the cleaning can not be too much force, so as not to cause leaves off and affect the effect of simulation plants, of course, not only to protect the shape of the simulation plant, but also to protect its leaves and branches.

We need to clean the simulation plant on a regular basis, do not wait for a lot of dust to clean, because too much dust will stick to the leaves causing cleanup difficult. And the simulation of plants can not be directly washed with water, you can use a damp cloth to wipe, so that will not cause damage to the simulation of plants.
This shows that simulation plant is also vulnerable to it, and if there is a little damage it may affect its overall greening effect, so the simulation of the plant Cleaning is very important, do not ignore Oh!

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