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What are the benefits of simulating bonsai?

The simulation of bonsai is the most common of a simulated plant, it is the technical staff based on the real potted plants out of the real plant bonsai. Simulation of bonsai <in their own small courtyard, all year round can watch.
In the past 10 years in the rapid development of the majority of the people of all ages, what is the excitement of it? <br>
The first point: simulation potted it can be used for a long time, long life, subject to the impact of the environment is very small; <br>
The second point: the simulation of potted leaves will not rot or do not need watering, but will not provoke mosquitoes and flies, maintenance is very simple; <br>
The third point: the price is very affordable, some are cheaper than the real pots;
The fourth point: simulation of potted light quality, easy to carry and transport is also very convenient.

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