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Why is the plant wall not missing?

Green plant walls give us a lot of advantages in our lives, but these advantages are not yet universally understood, some people think that the plant wall is good ah? Not ordinary plants and no difference? Here to introduce why the plant Wall can not be missing:
Plant wall can be clear indoor harmful substances, can reduce the probability of leukemia initiation.
Reduce the dust in the air, you can clean the air in the environment, is to help clean the environment the best helper.
In the hot summer can help to heat, winter and moisturizing effect, so that the room inside a kind of spring feeling.
Plants in the plant walls can reduce the furnishings of furniture produced at home.
Plants have a good soothing effect, can improve the quality of sleep.
Plants can relieve eye fatigue, let the work of the day's fatigue disappeared.
Can be refreshing, improve work efficiency.
Help to absorb our exhaled carbon dioxide.
Can beautify the walls, decorate the building.
Planting plants can also be good for health and be a leisure activity.
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