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Green Artificial plant wall in the end ring is not environmentally friendly?

Green simulation plant wall in the end ring is not environmentally friendly?
Recently in the market can often see such a question, the simulation of the plant wall in the end for environmental protection? If you want to figure out such a problem then you have to figure out some of the problems, that is, the supply situation on the market, as well as the simulation of the wall of the material production, only in these two aspects of the story, maybe you will understand more thoroughly, Or better understand some. Simulation of the production of plant wall materials are PVC, PE and other environmentally friendly polymer materials, such materials can be recycled. So, at the source is considered more environmentally friendly.
 Simulation of plant walls
In the past, in the simulation of the plant wall this market, almost opposite the overseas market is relatively broad, in the domestic orders is almost very few, probably due to the difference between the overseas and the mainland's economic level, the simulation of the plant Technology in foreign countries is more mature, then such as Europe, North America such a developed place they are how to identify the environmental status of the simulation of the plant wall it? In the overseas they have a more authoritative third-party testing agencies, fire detection for environmental testing results are more authoritative; we every year in Europe and the United States and other places of customer orders, basically without exception, are to us Send samples to the other side of Europe to be an environmental testing, qualified to produce, after delivery or to sample sampling. In general, environmental testing is very normalized.
 Simulation of plant walls
In the country is also the case, such as the general situation, do the simulation of the plant wall is not added anti-flame retardant, but add and do not add we can not see, can only use time to prove, but our guys Time is also can not afford, how do? But also heard the third party testing agencies to detect anti-flame detection, should be added to the anti-flame effect is relatively complex. There are some environmental testing is also a third party to detect; after all, now the state and the government is also more emphasis on energy conservation, environmental protection, so the environmental aspects of the link is essential to the link, so that the green simulation plant wall We do not have to worry too much about environmental issues.
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