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Do you know how much market share of China's simulated plant wall?

With the rapid growth of China's market economy, the domestic people's living standards are also increasing, the public demand for artistic sentiment has gradually increased; people more consumption is also transferred to the home life of the soft equipment, indoors Or outdoor are more particular about the artistic sense of the sense of desire in the senses also continue to enhance the previous indoor and outdoor decoration are basically marble tiles and the like decorative style, and now in the decoration industry has also set off a wave of green Vertical is the simulation of plant wall winds. Then this simulation of the plant wall of the indoor software market share in the end how much?

 Simulation of plant wall market share

 According to the relevant statistics, 49.3% of consumers are more acceptable prices in the 300-450 yuan / ㎡, 30.9% of consumers tend to 200-300 yuan / square, 12.6% of consumers bear 500 yuan / ㎡ this Of the rate, 1.6% of consumers can withstand 500 yuan / ㎡ yuan or more. Based on the above data can know that the current consumer is still the main choice in the range of 200-450 more affordable price range. There is also 30% of consumers concerned about whether the plant wall contains harmful things. 20% of consumers expressed concern about simulating the life and quality of plant walls. 15% of consumers for the simulation of the production of plant wall can achieve their desired effect is also worried. In view of the above problems you can see "green simulation plant wall in the end ring is not environmentally friendly? " So now the plant wall market share is still relatively optimistic about the situation.

In the present market, basically a more affordable simulation of the plant wall price is 200-600 yuan a square so that the price of the price or not mainly depends on the simulation of the thick and style of the plant wall, after all, different plant wall accessories are The price is different, 200-600 this price is more common market price, and now the main market or in office buildings, shopping malls, units, places such as public places are more, the popularity of home or relatively less indoor.
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