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Which parts of the room are more suitable for the wall of the plant?

Which parts of the room are more suitable for the plant wall? Under normal circumstances, the plant wall, whether indoor or outdoor can be made, just look at the owner like what style of the plant wall style, different plant wall accessories have different plant wall style, of course, can also be outdoor plants The scenery moved to the inside of the room; outdoor plant wall according to our many years of experience, are generally outside the company building or the company's logo brand, there are some fence railings and the like, under normal circumstances as long as there are The wall of the place can be made; indoor situation is roughly the same, but the room, then there is some relative stress, because the interior of the ornaments are more things, so it will pay more attention to coordination, as well as plant collocation problems Or some ritual feng shui problems. Living room or office, indoor layout is also a certain stress, then in the end where the production of plant wall more appropriate? Dongguan Hengxiang simulation plant described as follows:

Simulation of plant walls

First talk about the living room or reception room in some of the layout, the living room is generally the place of the guests, is the so-called "friends from afar, enjoying themselves." In the living room where you should do some decorative elements to reflect our hospitality; increase the number of plant walls in the living room can also beautify our living room environment, then to choose what Too kind of plant wall accessories do, try to choose some of the larger leaves of the plant wall accessories, so look more atmospheric.

There is the decoration with the design problem, the layout of the interior layout we are in accordance with the layout of the style of point line, but also habitual decoration layout, that is, our plant wall layout to follow the room some of the space and furniture to determine the plant The size of the wall of the size of the dislocation; there is the layout of the feng shui is based on our position of the five elements of the principle of Wang to the layout of our home, the plant wall is in the five elements of wood, so in terms of position is not conducive to the west , Because the west is gold, gold grams wood. However, this is not a single point of view, according to the master's fate pattern may be.

 Simulation of plant walls

There is the office is also more suitable for the wall of the plant, because the office to the work of the pressure is relatively large, do some plant wall can effectively reduce our work pressure, can also be appropriate to adjust our work mood and adjust our vision; Is to give a relaxed and happy feeling, giving a fresh and refined feeling, can effectively adjust our work mood. The office is also more suitable for the site of the plant wall, it is recommended that all choose the green plant wall accessories to decorate.
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