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How does the Artificial plant wall take care?

     Simulation of plant wall applications more and more widely, whether it is interior decoration, external walls decoration, shopping malls, the company front and so everywhere can be seen enough to prove that consumers of the simulation plant wall as soft clothing decoration favorite. Simulation plant wall in the decoration process, we need to take care of it?
     Simulation of plant wall long exposed in the air, will inevitably absorb the dust, impurities, etc., therefore, the simulation of the plant wall also need to take care.
     If the simulation of plant wall decoration in the outdoors, the normal intake of dust will be relatively large, we need to clean up once a month. If the coverage area is relatively large, you can rinse directly with water, convenient and quick, and will not damage the walls. If the simulation of the plant wall decoration in the room, it is easy to take care of a lot, and only need three months to clean up once, just wipe gently with a wet cloth can be.
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